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Our digital signage software has made it easier and more affordable than ever to create digital signage content to be displayed on your businesses tv’s. With the digital signage creator from Infuse Reviews you’ll have the ability to generate customized slideshows that include not only images and videos but automatic reviews from Google and Facebook as well. When your customers realize they can post an online review and see it displayed on your tv, you’re going to get more reviews! Don’t worry... you'll have the option to only display the good ones!

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Why Use Digital Signage?

Having the Infuse Reviews digital signage on your tv’s will not only make it simple to promote upcoming specials and events but will also make a substantial addition to your location’s ambiance and atmosphere. You’ll notice customers reading and reacting to new images and online reviews and often posting one themselves.

The Benefits of Digital Signage:

"It's wonderful to be able to update our menus and monthly specials on our tvs so easily and customers enjoy seeing their reviews and pictures too!"

- Dog Haus Biergarten | Houston, TX

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You will find the digital signage software from Infuse Reviews is the easiest way to install, create and display custom signage on your locations tv's. Packed with innovative features and slide types, our signage creator is second to none.

Simple to Setup

Create 5 Signs w/ 100 Slides

Horizontal or Vertical TV's

Schedule Slides

Slide Transitions and Zoom

Custom Text Overlays

Upload Custom Images

Upload Custom Videos

Import Instagram Images

Automatic Online Reviews

Star Rating Threshold

Hide Specific Reviews

Digital Signage
Slide Types

The Infuse Reviews digital signage creator makes it simple to add all the slide types below and includes reviews from Google and Facebook automatically. You'll have the option to set a threshold to display only a certain star rating or better.

Custom Images

Custom Videos

Automatic Reviews

Instagram Images

Digital Directories

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Locations Using
Digital Signage

  • Health Clubs
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Spa and Wellness Centers

Digital signage offers several benefits, making it an increasingly popular choice for businesses and organizations. Here are some of the key advantages of digital signage:


Digital signage uses vibrant colors, motion, and dynamic content to attract attention and engage viewers. Unlike static signs, digital displays are more visually appealing and can effectively capture the audience's attention.

Flexibility and Dynamic Content:

Digital signage allows for easy and quick content updates. Businesses can remotely manage and schedule content, making promoting new products, upcoming events, or timely offers simple. This flexibility enables businesses to stay relevant and adapt their messaging based on the audience, time of day, or other factors.


While the initial investment in digital signage may be higher than traditional signage, it offers long-term cost savings. With digital displays, printing and replacing static signs is unnecessary, reducing printing and material costs. Moreover, digital signage allows businesses to monetize advertising space by displaying third-party advertisements, generating additional revenue streams.

Improved Customer Experience:

Digital signage enhances the customer experience by providing valuable and interactive information. It can offer wayfinding assistance in large venues, display real-time data or news updates, and entertain customers while they wait. By delivering engaging and relevant content, businesses can create a positive and memorable customer experience.

Real-Time Updates:

Digital signage enables businesses to provide real-time updates and information. Whether you are displaying live reviews, custom videos, or updating menus and pricing, digital signage ensures that the displayed content is up-to-date and accurate.

Targeted Messaging:

With digital signage, businesses can deliver targeted messages to specific audiences or locations. By tailoring content based on demographics, customer preferences, or geographic location, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their communication and drive better results.

Analytics and Measurement:

Digital signage provides valuable analytics and data on audience engagement and content performance. It allows businesses to track metrics like viewer impressions, dwell time, and interactions, enabling them to optimize their messaging and understand what content resonates best with their audience.

Branding and Aesthetics:

Digital signage offers a sleek and modern look that can enhance a brand's image. Customizing and showcasing high-quality images, videos, and animations help create a visually appealing environment, reinforcing brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Digital signage is simply a display like a televison or monitor used to present dynamic multimedia content in public spaces. It typically consists of digital screens or displays connected to a content management system and can be remotely controlled and updated. Digital signage can be found in various locations, such as retail stores, airports, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and other public areas.

Digital signage is an impressive and convenient way to provide information, advertise products or services, entertain, and engage with viewers. It allows businesses and organizations to deliver targeted messages, promotions, announcements, and relevant content to their intended audience. The content displayed on digital signage can include text, images, videos, animations, live feeds, social media streams, and interactive elements.

Digital signage offers several advantages over traditional printed signage. It enables real-time updates, easy content management, and scheduling of different messages at specific times. It also allows for dynamic content that can be tailored based on factors like location, time of day, or demographics. Additionally, digital signage provides opportunities for interactivity and engagement through touchscreens or other interactive devices.

In the realm of modern advertising and communication, cloud digital signage systems have emerged as a necessary tool for businesses to engage with their audience. Gone are the days of static billboards and posters; today, businesses are leveraging the dynamic capabilities of digital signage to deliver targeted messages in real time. Among the various types of digital signage systems, cloud digital signage stands out as a versatile and efficient solution. But what exactly is a cloud digital signage system?

Understanding Cloud Digital Signage:

In simple terms, a cloud digital signage system is a network of digital displays that are managed and controlled remotely through the cloud. Unlike traditional digital signage setups that rely on locally stored content and manual updates, cloud-based systems leverage internet connectivity to deliver content from a centralized platform to multiple display screens spread across different locations.

Key Components of a Cloud Digital Signage System:

1. Content Management System (CMS):

At the heart of any cloud digital signage system is a robust CMS that allows users to easily create, schedule, and manage customized content from anywhere with an internet connection. The CMS provides tools for uploading images, videos, text, and other media assets, as well as features for organizing content playlists and scheduling playback.

2. Media Player Devices:

Display screens in a cloud digital signage network are connected to media player devices that decode and render content received from the CMS. These media players can range from dedicated hardware appliances to software-based solutions running on standard computing hardware such as PCs or media players.

3. Internet Connectivity:

Since cloud digital signage systems rely on the internet to deliver content updates and commands to remote displays, a stable internet connection is essential. Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or even cellular connectivity can be used depending on the deployment environment and requirements.

4.nRemote Management Tools:

With digital signage, businesses can deliver targeted messages to specific audiences or locations. By tailoring content based on demographics, customer preferences, or geographic location, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their communication and drive better results.

Benefits of Cloud Digital Signage Systems:

1. Scalability:

Cloud-based architecture allows businesses to easily scale their digital signage network by adding or removing displays as needed without the hassle of extensive hardware installations or configurations.

2. Flexibility:

With cloud digital signage, content can be updated and customized in real time, allowing businesses to deliver targeted messages based on factors such as time of day, location, or audience demographics.

3. Remote Accessibility:

Cloud-based management tools enable users to access and control their digital signage network from anywhere with the internet, providing greater flexibility and convenience for administrators.

Benefits of Cloud Digital Signage Systems:

Cloud digital signage systems find applications across various industries and settings, including:
• Retail stores and shopping malls
• Restaurants, bars and cafes
• Corporate offices and lobbies
• Transportation locations such as airports
• Educational institutions like schools and universities

Cloud Digital Signage Systems:

A cloud digital signage system is a modern and versatile solution for companies looking to enhance their communication and marketing efforts. By utilizing the power of the cloud digital signage, businesses can create customized, dynamic, and engaging content experiences that captivate audiences and drive results. Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, investing in a cloud digital signage system can unlock new opportunities for brand visibility and customer engagement in today's digital landscape.

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